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  1. Statham, most famously, was the taciturn, bespoken hood in Guy Ritchie's first two movies.
  2. Ford claims that infoboxes and cleanup tags were used as objects of " bespoken-code " by Wikipedia editors.
  3. His poetry has been broadcast on television and radio, including BBC Radio 4's Bespoken Word and Wondermentalist Cabaret.
  4. But the user that is bespoken of, argues it is a talk ) 21 : 26, 26 February 2014 ( UTC)
  5. Vincent has appeared on Channel 4's Random Acts, BBC Radio 4's Wondermentalist and Bespoken Word and BBC Radio 3's The Verb.
  6. He wrote his final novel, " A Bespoken Bride ", in 1914 though many of his earlier stories continued to be reprinted for years afterwards.
  7. After One Minute Silence's break-up, Yap followed his spoken-word career, appearing on BBC Radio 4's " Bespoken Word ".
  8. Buck bequeathed to them three more, for the north wall ( valued at ?20 ),'which I have bespoken to be made in fleurs-de-lys and mottos, for their Chapel.
  9. Outside Germany, he contributes regularly to " Alister & Paine Magazine ", the Japanese men s fashion magazine " Men's Precious " and the magazine " Bespoken ", which is published by the Brussels-based cloth merchant and distributed to its worldwide customers.
  10. It was still in movement about midnight on 26 June, when Major General Jagow received a communication from the front that Major Hertel had, with his squadron, entered Compi�gne at 20 : 00; and had learned from the Mayor that a French corps was on the march from Soissons to that town, in which it had already bespoken ten thousand rations.
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  1. pledged to be married; "the engaged couple"
  2. (of clothing) custom-made
    synonyms:, , ,

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