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beryl sentence in Hindi
• फीरोजा
• लहसुनिया
• वैडूर्य
• वैदूर्य
• हरितमणि

• फिरोजा
• बेरिल
• बैदूर्य
• रोज बेरिल
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  1. So was a black beryl gemstone, also described in 1882.
  2. Squally thunderstorms in the outer bands of Beryl could produce tornadoes.
  3. Among the artists he commissioned is Britain's Beryl Cook.
  4. Beryl Vertue was quoted was saying in The London Times story.
  5. These include, spodumene, microcline, beryl, and tourmaline.
  6. Dillinger then returned to Mooresville where he met Beryl Ethel Hovious.
  7. Vice-President of the Festival is former ballerina Beryl Grey.
  8. He moved in with his daughter Beryl in 1983 in Banavie.
  9. It is a product of the decomposition of beryl in pegmatites.
  10. Lord Digby married Emily Beryl Sissy Hood, daughter of Hon.
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  1. the chief source of beryllium; colored transparent varieties are valued as gems

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