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  1. Bertrandite often occurs as a pseudomorphic replacement of beryl.
  2. It occurs with zircon, ilmenorutile, fluorite, phenakite, scheelite, bertrandite, albite, microcline and quartz.
  3. Industrially, it is produced as a by-product in the extraction of beryllium metal from the ores beryl and bertrandite.
  4. The two main ores of beryllium, beryl and bertrandite, are found in Argentina, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Russia and the United States.
  5. The name " Bertrand lens " commemorates French mineralogist Emile Bertrand ( 1844-1909 ), for whom the mineral Bertrandite is also named.
  6. The first description of bityite was by Lacroix in 1908 . and further occurrences have been found from the Middle albitic plagioclase, muscovite and tourmaline; the pseudomorphs filled with bityite have been found to contain amounts of fluorite, bertrandite, fluorapatite, quartz and beryl.
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