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  1. In 2006, two new " audiophile " remasters were released.
  2. The Audiophile option also includes the mp3s from the standard option.
  3. Isaac Alb�niz-Piano Pieces Transcribed for Guitar-Audiophile Audition Review
  4. The result : speakers that would make any audiophile rapturous.
  5. The serious audiophile can now enjoy the same earphones the stars use.
  6. Within a couple of years Audiophile switched to 33 1 / 3.
  7. Some audiophile equipment designers and consumers are obsessed over seemingly irrelevant details.
  8. This recording was also released by Classic Records in two audiophile formats.
  9. :For the headphones, my audiophile friends like Sennheiser.
  10. It received numerous positive reviews including Audiophile Audition and JazzChicago.

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