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  1. The writer as reviser, or annotator, always compels.
  2. Existing solutions on the PC include PDF Annotator and Qiqqa.
  3. Keightley was one annotator who meticulously tracked Milton's mythological sources.
  4. The creators of LabelMe decided to leave these decisions up to the annotator.
  5. I suggest that the Image Annotator gadget be installed for the Wikipedia site.
  6. He was also a prolific writer and annotator.
  7. The editors of the English version claim that it is a guesswork of the annotator.
  8. Use of these annotation symbols is subjective, as different annotators use the same symbols differently.
  9. Genome annotators improved the situation by naming this gene " UQCR binding ", or UQCRB.
  10. Thank you again for your efforts and heres hoping we will get lots of keen annotators.
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  1. a commentator who writes notes to a text

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