annotating meaning in Hindi

annotating sentence in Hindi
टिप्पणी लिखना
टिप्पणी करना
टीका करके समझाना
व्याख्या करना
टीका करना
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  1. The courtroom scene is presented as a kind of annotated transcript.
  2. THE ANNOTATED WIZARD OF OZ, by L . Frank Baum.
  3. /features for an annotated version that separates fact from fiction.
  4. He annotated editions of " Alice in Wonderland,"
  5. Chess moves can be annotated with punctuation marks and other symbols.
  6. Annotated Index of Cases of the SA RF " ).
  7. The project is still in the process of annotating this genome.
  8. Similarly, pseudogenes are sometimes annotated as genes in genome sequences.
  9. Archaeological evidence shows that Chu music was annotated differently from Zhou.
  10. Members of the World Golf Hall of Fame are annotated"
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  1. the act of adding notes

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