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सजीवन चलचित्र निर्माता
व्‍यंग्‍य चित्रकार
प्राण डालनेवाला
जान डालने वाला
सजीव चलचित्र निर्माता
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  1. -- Studio will have 300 animators with most hired locally.
  2. Mark Fisher is an experienced, well-regarded professional animator.
  3. Much hinges on how well the film does, animators say.
  4. Although Disney had a temper, the animators rarely saw it.
  5. I gain new respect for the patient hands of the animators.
  6. We are just in the process of interviewing programmers and animators,
  7. They videotape you doing it and send that to the animators.
  8. Gaiman said he did all of this without meeting the animator.
  9. Groening conceded that sometimes his animators take his scripts too literally.
  10. Animators grumbled about being relegated to " Siberia ."
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  1. the technician who produces animated cartoons
  2. someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other people
    synonyms:, , ,

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