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  1. In 2006, he became a member of the international orchestra Animato Academy.
  2. E'stato fatto anche un film animato tratto dal manga Taimu Sutoreenjya Kyoko.
  3. The subsequent album, " Come un cartone animato ", was a platinum album.
  4. The final section is marked " Animato " and begins with a three measure bassoon solo.
  5. At the start of verse 11 it returns to the first tempo, but this time un poco animato.
  6. In 2006 she was invited to join the Animato Fundacion International Youth Orchestra as the concertmaster, conducted by Ralph Weikert.
  7. The first movement, titled Poco animato, begins with a relatively peaceful, quiet introduction that slowly develops and becomes increasingly agitated throughout the remainder of the movement.
  8. Many Andeanists consider the manuscript as forgeries fabricated by the owner Clara Miccinelli and her friend Carlo Animato and argue that the content of these documents cannot be taken literal.
  9. The original theme makes a more recognizable return in the " Animato " yet this time it is much more discreet and quiet, alluding to the horse's waning physical condition.
  10. After a more active central section, marked " Pi?animato agitato " in the score, there is a short oboe phrase that leads into a cadenza for the soloist.
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