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  1. Such is the ancien regime which crumbled two weeks ago.
  2. During the Thirty Years'War, the village was torched by end of the ancien regime.
  3. The village population never recovered during the ancien regime period.
  4. Except, of course, in that last bastion of ancien regime tyranny : network television.
  5. "Le Juge-en-Chef est l'urbanite meme, il est attentive comme un Francais de l'ancien regime.
  6. Dungeons like the Bastille were a potent Gothic symbol of " ancien regime " tyranny.
  7. Under the ancien regime Arvieux was thus a relatively wealthy town in the French Alps.
  8. The apartment, dressed in ancien regime silks, contains numerous objects once owned by Consuelo Vanderbilt.
  9. The white mannequin is headless, as though she were excavated from some ancien regime ruin.
  10. The collapse of the Ancien Regime had nothing whatsoever to do with the'ferment of ideas '.
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  1. a political and social system that no longer governs (especially the system that existed in France before the French Revolution)

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