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  1. Civil death was a penalty in Belgium in the Ancien R�gime.
  2. This arrival caused political discussions then criticism of the Ancien R�gime.
  3. Such is the ancien regime which crumbled two weeks ago.
  4. The Russian army in 1805 had many characteristics of Ancien R�gime organization.
  5. Both of these councils remained until the end of the Ancien R�gime.
  6. Bressuire was part of the Ancien R�gime Province of Poitou.
  7. Ancien R�gime dioceses all disappeared, then, in 1790.
  8. By the end of the Ancien R�gime, the Colonels General were:
  9. She hosted one of the most celebrated salons of the Ancien R�gime.
  10. The village population never recovered during the ancien regime period.
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