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  1. The resulting cascade of calls and responses analogizes to abstract G�del's theorem.
  2. In addition, in BMK's edit summary, he analogizes the issue to using census records.
  3. He analogizes Rome's civilizing mission to the way poisonous plants of all nation were tamed into medicines.
  4. The song effectively analogizes the protest movement to the establishment it is trying to overturn, concluding with the refrain:
  5. Blake also analogizes the boy with a caged bird unable to sing, to attain its free place in nature, just like the boy.
  6. This whole Template : Video deletionist exercise analogizes to the discovery that, hey look, one can file papers in file drawers without using file folders.
  7. Wolfe chronicles the American periods of Christian revival known as the First and Second Great Awakenings, to which he analogizes the 1970s and their dominant social trends.
  8. Within the book are explanations of the traditional Malay archetypes of personality called " angin " ( = " winds " ), which Laderman analogizes to Jungian archetypes.
  9. He analogizes time to be a highway with an infinite number of lanes, all going from the past to the future; by changing lanes, one can change destiny.
  10. This forces everyone in the office to evaluate how they stack up on Administrative Professionals Day as Melonyce McAfee analogizes : " Are you low enough on the totem pole to merit a gift?
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