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  1. As Americanization proceeds apace, many things remain different in Germany.
  2. Despite her Americanization, Selma insisted her core has not changed.
  3. The lads and I back home can live with your Americanization.
  4. The process of Americanization may weaken the sense of family responsibilities.
  5. Meantime, many of the POWs were going through a gradual Americanization.
  6. "There's Americanization in Israel,"
  7. Acclaimed adaptation _ and Americanization _ of Nick Hornby's novel.
  8. The Hadley tulip seems to be an Americanization of a borrowed design.
  9. Globalization has meant Americanization in many parts of the world.
  10. Columbus says he resisted any Americanization of dialogue or characters.

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