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  1. About what Aliter said : I've already brought up a great deal of it during my aforementioned " long posts " explaining why fair use was a valid licence.
  2. He is described as " Paganus de Rouet Hannoniensis, aliter dictus Guien Rex Armorum " ( " Paon de Rouet of Hainaut, also called Guyenne King of Arms " ).
  3. *" Conclusio summaria ad intelligentiam Testamenti seu Codicilli Raymundi Lullii, et aliorum librorum ejus; nec non argenti vivi, in quo pendet intentio tota intentiva, qua aliter Repertorium Raymundi appellatur"
  4. According to The British herald; or, Cabinet of armorial bearings of the nobility, the Moir's family motto is " Virtute, non aliter "-" By virtue, not otherwise"
  5. So far I've only written, and voted for, a few demo articles, but anyone with five minutes to spare should feel free to edit those or to Aliter 00 : 56, 4 Apr 2005 ( UTC)
  6. :: " " Video istic cruces ne unius quidem generis sed aliter ab aliis fabricatas; capite quidam conuersos in terram suspendere, alii per obscena stipitem egerunt, alii brachia patibulo explicuerunt; video fidiculas, video uerbera " . . ."
  7. As a rule, these clauses affecting validity may be recognized by the conditional conjunction or adverb of exclusion with which they begin ( e . g . dummodo, " provided that "; et non aliter, " not otherwise " ), or by an ablative absolute.
  8. Probably, the family is a branch of the "'M�zes de M�zes "'or "'M�zes de M�hker�k "'families . "'J�nos M�zes aliter Nagy de Debreczen "'with his wife and children got noble patent in 06.04.1610 . from Gabriel Bathori, Prince of Transylvania.
  9. Karl Barth, an influential Protestant theologian contemporary to Otto, acknowledged Otto's influence and approved a similar conception of God as " ganz Andere " or " totaliter aliter ", or as " aliud, aliud valde " ( " other, completely other " ), the latter phrase being taken from Augustine of Hippo's " Orthodox Jewish theologians including Joseph Soloveitchik and Eliezer Berkovits.
  10. Blackstone says " and the husband was prohibited from using any violence toward his wife, " aliter quad ad virum, ex causa regiminus et castigationis uxoris suae, licite et rationabiliter pertinet " . " I think the context also makes clear that " this power of correction was confined within reasonable bounds . " So we're dealing with semantic differences in the modern reaction to an old distinction that pretty much no longer exists, between moderate " correction " and real " violence " . talk ) 19 : 40, 12 December 2014 ( UTC)
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