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alit sentence in Hindi
दमकता हुआ

जलता हुआ
दमकता हुआ
आ पड़ना
नीचे आना
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  1. The town has a sports club Alit, established in 1947.
  2. Ashlanders hunt the alit and use their tanned hides as trade goods
  3. Notable SRC Bangad graduates include J / Director Arturo W Alit.
  4. Rockjoint may be contracted from a diseased Dusky Alit.
  5. The tough hide of the wild Alit makes a serviceable multi-purpose leather.
  6. At noon, a sun beam through the hole, alit on the meridian strip.
  7. Filipino Rey Alit ( 72 ) and Dominique Boulet of Hong Kong ( 71 ) followed at 217.
  8. The Alit is a tailless two-legged predator common to the grasslands and ash wastes of Vvardenfell.
  9. It has alit in San Diego of all places, but somehow en route it missed the Rockies and Dove Valley.
  10. Alit was a talented translator from Skopje who was fluent in Albanian, Serb, Turkish, and German, Stern said.
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