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  1. For Douglas, this allows them to survive in the commercial airline business.
  2. That is what the airline business has done to date . 
  3. Fresh thinking is a plus, say old hands in the airline business.
  4. It is only in its airline business that it is not profitable.
  5. Today five control two-thirds of all U . S . airline business.
  6. "` The airline business is fundamentally a network business, " he said.
  7. We consider ourselves at the bottom of this downturn in the airline business,
  8. An airline business is a network business, and United has a terrific network.
  9. The deal would significantly alter a slice of the North American airline business.
  10. In past airline business failures, frequent fliers came out relatively unscathed.


  1. a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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