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  1. This is a marvelously actable stage piece.
  2. The first crucial fact is that actable versions of the plays are now readily available.
  3. And playwrights are used to writing not just good literature but plays, actable by actors and directable by directors.
  4. "Philadelphia, Here I Come ! " is not a great play, but it's a bewitchingly actable one.
  5. Much of the point of the revision was to streamline the play, to make it more actable; though even the revised version would have needed a minimum cast of 18 13 adults and five boys.
  6. I don't know whether the alleged identity of User : Hillman Reddi " discloses " on his talkpage should be considered actable .-- Pjacobi 06 : 56, 11 April 2007 ( UTC)
  7. Subsequently Daniel helped to edit portions of T . H . Lacy's " Acting Edition of Plays " and Davison's " Actable Drama, in continuation of Cumberland's Plays ".
  8. Frequently expressing the view that stage presentation could not do justice to Shakespeare's plays, Hazlitt nevertheless also found certain plays eminently actable, and he frequently voices admiration for the performances of certain actors, particularly Edmund Kean.
  9. As anyone knows who has seen the film version with Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor or the television adaptation with Maggie Smith and Natasha Richardson, it also has two roles that, given half a chance, would seem to be infinitely actable.
  10. More so, members of the Scholar Network are provided with full funding to work at the Innovation and Capacity Building Centers, a state-of-the-art research facility that is suitable for conducting research on entrepreneurship, and developing actable public policies.
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  1. capable of being acted; suitable for the stage; "an actable scene"

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