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जुड़ जाना
अभिवर्धित करना
सहवर्धित करना
साथ-साथ बढ़ना
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  1. Traders and peasants continued to accrete throughout the next three centuries.
  2. Overall, the geological community accepted and praised the ACCRETE study.
  3. Were they, for example, accreting fresh star material from outside?
  4. Ice may also accrete onto the underside of the shelf.
  5. IK Pegasi B is the accrete matter from the expanded gaseous envelope.
  6. It was later accreted to the continental margin of Laurasia.
  7. Successively newer rocks have been accreted to the east coast.
  8. In the early solar system, planetoids would have accreted into planets.
  9. The surface gravity, ignoring the accreted mass, is of course:
  10. When protoplanets accrete more material, the energy of impact causes local heating.
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