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  1. Only the supremely wise and the abysmally ignorant do not change.
  2. Health facilities in the years 1975 to 1978 were abysmally poor.
  3. "We're doing abysmally on this issue.
  4. Anyone who makes such a suggestion is considered abysmally ignorant or worse.
  5. It's also blamed on abysmally low fish catches.
  6. Even the new-season offerings from old favourites are abysmally bad.
  7. I happened to know that the abysmally sourced criticism was a lie.
  8. In recent years, the school has performed abysmally on the examination.
  9. Trey said my gluts could use work and my abs were abysmally weak.
  10. But such requirements are " abysmally inadequate, " said Benes.

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