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साथ लगा हुआ
जुड़ा हुआ
लगा हुआ
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  1. We climb 200 yards up the cliff face abutting the pond.
  2. An " abutting discontinuity " abuts against another discontinuity.
  3. Abutting a state park, with an emphasis on ecology.
  4. The contamination is on the land abutting the Superfund site.
  5. But there appeared to be few houses directly abutting the tank farm.
  6. Area 19 is a histologically delineated band anterolaterally abutting visual area 18.
  7. Abutting the station-masters residence is the railway station office itself.
  8. It is accessible by boat or from land over the abutting breakwater.
  9. A network of trails runs between the tracts and abutting conservation land.
  10. The abutting cover at side is an basin with wall.
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