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  1. It is an indexing and abstracting service, accessible via the World Wide Web.
  2. An "'abstracting service "'is a service that provides indexes.
  3. Specialist abstracting services exist to publicize the content of these beyond the institutions in which they are produced.
  4. This is usually verified through the journal's inclusion in selective indexing and abstracting services and other selective bibliographic databases.
  5. "' Biblioislam . net "'is an online library with indexing and abstracting services as well as full-text and reviews.
  6. A significant number of bibliographic databases are still proprietary, available by licensing agreement from vendors, or directly from the indexing and abstracting services that create them.
  7. An "'indexing and abstracting service "'is a service that provides shortening or summarizing of documents and assigning of descriptors for referencing documents.
  8. "' SPIN "'( Searchable Physics Information Notices ) "'bibliographic database "'is an indexing and abstracting service produced by the American Institute of Physics ( AIP ).
  9. CAS provides the abstracting services of the chemical literature, and provides a numerical identifier, known as CAS registry number to each chemical substance that has been reported in the chemical literature ( such as chemistry journals and patents ).
  10. Increasing reliance on abstracting services, especially on those available electronically, means that the effective criterion for whether a publication format forms part of the established, trusted literature is whether it is covered by these services; in particular, by the specialised service for the discipline concerned such as Chemical Abstracts Service, and by the major interdisciplinary services such as those marketed by the Institute for Scientific Information.

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