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  1. "There's an abstractedness to crime statistics, " he said.
  2. Yet the production tends to turn the actors'performance signatures _ Wood's befuddled abstractedness, Testa's robust zinger slinging _ into something approaching shtick.
  3. Though he has talked ( written, shown ) of his mother's abstractedness in the midst of her chafing marriage, it is the father Bergman more often despises.
  4. Poteat demonstrated to his students that making the shift to a Post-Critical mode of thinking requires escaping from the largely subconscious and profoundly self-alienating abstractedness of the Critical mode  the " default mode " of Modernity.
  5. It is the very abstractedness of our usual patterns of thinking and our habituated modern fixation upon only what can be made explicit that keep us unaware of such aspects of experience, without which reality as a whole cannot be apprehended nor experience be comprehended.

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