abscessed meaning in Hindi

abscessed sentence in Hindi
• फोड़ा
• विद्रधि
• व्रण
• पस
• फोड़ा
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  1. A rotten or abscessed tooth can result in noxious mouth odors.
  2. Also, Island Skipper was scratched Saturday with an abscessed foot.
  3. He already was being treated for an abscessed tooth and asthma.
  4. His upper right molar was abscessed from loss of bone around it.
  5. Ingvall was also in great pain from an abscessed tooth.
  6. Anal sacs can become abscessed and infecting micro-organisms produce odor.
  7. In early September, Mantle developed an abscessed hip and had to be benched.
  8. Byers'brain was also abscessed, and holes were forming in his skull.
  9. She talks a witch doctor out of killing a woman with an abscessed tooth.
  10. Four abscessed teeth had caused him much pain and had sent poison through his system.
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  1. infected and filled with pus; "an abscessed tooth"

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