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  1. The party sledged back to Camp Abruzzi between 27September to 20November.
  2. Abruzzi survives and returns six episodes later in " The Key ".
  3. Abruzzi does this by melting toothbrushes into a stolen mold.
  4. In the north of Baltoro Kangri is the Abruzzi Glacier.
  5. Alfonso was buried in the church of Capestrano in Abruzzi.
  6. Morning, mid-September on the Abruzzi coast.
  7. The range lies about 90 minutes east of Rome in the Abruzzi region.
  8. Prior to then, it was part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise
  9. It enters the Adriatic Sea near Roseto degli Abruzzi.
  10. On Mott they were from Abruzzi, and on Mulberry they were from Naples.
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