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  1. Abbe Lowell, the Democratic committee counsel, asked about that.
  2. The abbe, metaphorically, has to chart a safe course.
  3. Abbe Pierre has been staying in a Benedictine monastery near Padua.
  4. Kennedy attorney Abbe Lowell said the video would clear the congressman.
  5. Abbe involved Czapski in his theoretical studies as early as 1885.
  6. During this period, Abbe's family remained in Japan.
  7. The only perennial river is the Bario, and Lake Abbe.
  8. He married in 1895 Abbe May Talbot " n�e"
  9. In 1866, the service of Dr Ernst Abbe was enlisted.
  10. Abbe served as president until 1964 when he returned to Japan.


  1. a French abbot

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