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• जेड कोड
z:    ज़ेड
code:    गुप्त भाषा
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  1. Thus Z codes some ? that is ? + ?, and the decoder can determine the unknown character as follows:
  2. The BS V / Line cars are in a Z coded set because the BCZ car is a classed as a Z.
  3. Many military and other organizations that use Morse code have adopted additional codes, including the Z code used by most European and NATO countries.
  4. The following Table of Morse code abbreviations and further references to Brevity codes such as the Q code, Z code and RST code serve to facilitate fast and efficient Morse code communications.
  5. The use of Q codes and Z codes was not intended for use on voice circuits, where plain language was speedy and easily recognizable, especially when employing the character recognition system in use at the time, such as ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, etc.
  6. The Z code adds commands and questions adapted for military radio transmissions, for example, " ZBW 2 ", which means " change to backup frequency number 2 ", and " ZNB abc ", which means " my checksum is abc, what is yours ?"
  7. Several other three-letter marks were not issued through oversight or because they were deemed offensive, and the single-letter Z code was left out of this format as a serial letter would have created a duplicate of an existing two-letter code, particularly one used in Northern Ireland.
  8. Meaningful rag chewing between fluent Morse code operators having different native languages is possible because of a common " Lingua Franca " provided by : the prosigns for Morse code, the International Q code, Z code, RST code, the telegraph era Phillips Code and many well known Morse code abbreviations as discussed in this Wikipedia article.
  9. In addition to Morse code characters and prosign symbols there are also internationally agreed communications protocols or patterns of communication, international Morse code abbreviations, and established codes such as the : ACP-131 brevity codes : the Q code, Z code, RST code and commonly encountered numbers from older telegraph era codes such as the Phillips Code to assist with efficient and quick Morse code conversations.
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