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  1. Let's face it : Yuletide fun is an oxymoron.
  2. Of great interest was his father's annual yuletide obsession.
  3. Sony : Big fun, this first yuletide offering from Lauper.
  4. SAN ANTONIO _ This Yuletide, it pays to be prepared.
  5. They hang from strings, like sleigh bells from a Yuletide mantel.
  6. They were passing along a movie tip, not a yuletide invocation.
  7. This is not Santa's first yuletide in the Russian capital.
  8. -- Yuletide Season at Westville : Dec . 5-26.
  9. A prime example is what's become of the Yuletide Lads.
  10. So it was the Grinch who rocked my yuletide world.

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