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  1. In Holland, the cheese is sold with a yellow wax coating.
  2. _Hungarian yellow wax : Yellow fruit that turns red at maturity.
  3. Another alternative is to use yellow wax beans, which eliminates the color-shift problem.
  4. Leftover wax and spent honeycombs were processed into yellow wax.
  5. It was released in France with an additional, unnamed track, and on yellow wax records.
  6. 12 yellow wax beans, ends picked off and discarded, the rest bias cut into julienne
  7. 1 cup trimmed yellow wax beans in 1-inch pieces
  8. 1 / 2 pound Blue Lake and / or yellow wax beans, frenched if desired
  9. 2 guero chiles, or 2 Hungarian yellow wax chiles
  10. 1 cup cooked yellow wax beans ( fresh OR frozen ) cut into 2-inch pieces

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