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  1. The party had characterized the main railway union of the time, " Uni�n Ferroviaria ", as a yellow union.
  2. Conversely, classical anarchists do not consider capitalism to be a part of anarchist ideology, which has traditionally been anti-capitalist and anti-private property and moreover, yellow is the yellow union thus, many anarchists view this flag not as a legitimate part of anarchist symbolism, but as a defacement of it.
  3. A number of important cooperatives, notably " El Hogar Argentino " ( 1911 ) and " La Internacional " ( 1914 ), opened in the town during that era, as did " La Idea ", a news daily, in 1915, and the Uni�n Ferroviaria, a nationally prominent yellow union organized as a counterweight to the intransigent La Fraternidad, in 1921.

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