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  1. One day Thambi interrupts Archana s ( Pooja ) stage performance when chasing a wrong doer.
  2. I am not very important, but I have been wronged repeatedly by a prolific wrong doer.
  3. An obligation can override the obligation to wrong doers in certain cases and my own view is that clergy should not be protected from that obligation.
  4. 1st : Do you think God needs protection and care-takings from the wrong doers who can t erase their recorded ( blasphemous ) sins?
  5. NetIBA recommends when shopping online that you use services such as StormPay to ensure that your financial information does not end up in the hands of wrong doers ."
  6. At all events, we think facts of the case show a sufficient right in the plaintiff to the mediate possession of the property as against a mere wrong doer.
  7. Of simple habits, austere and frugal, he was always accessible to the meanest of his subject, and yet he was a cause of terror for the wrong doer.
  8. The township was surveyed in 1908, and had a policemen in the early days who lived in a tent, and there were two brick cells there for the wrong doers.
  9. If he had legal possession, and only left the property for a short time intending to return and take it away, then he might maintain an action against a wrong doer for taking it away.
  10. Szomjas is the father of the Hungarian Ostern, the " Goulash Western : " in 1970s was directed two osterns about the Hungarian rascallys the " Wrong Doers " and " The Wind Blows Under Your Feat ."

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