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written law sentence in Hindi

लिखित कानून
लिखित विधि
written:    लिखित रिपोर्ट
law:    उपदेश कानून
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  1. By the 17th century, the earliest written laws to mention slavery appeared.
  2. Tristan da Cunha's residents managed their own affairs without any written laws.
  3. The justice system lacked a central governing body and written laws were uncommon.
  4. This transformation has occurred without any change in the written law.
  5. There is no law for it, at least no written law.
  6. The Code of Hammurabi is perhaps the earliest written law we know of.
  7. The Torah, with its traditional regulations, is regarded as written law.
  8. The oldest known comprehensive written law dates from almost four thousand years ago.
  9. Havel said the written laws in the East and West are pretty similar.
  10. Unsurprisingly, these officers enforced social codes far beyond the written law.
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