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• लेखन अभिरक्षित
write:    लेखन रचना लिखना भर
protected:    महफ़ूज़ निरापद
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  1. Recently I can't use the drive because it says it's write protected.
  2. Disk images may also be optionally " write protected " if they are mounted as " Read Only ."
  3. Features include changing the dates of files and changing the file attributes ( such as the write protected attribute ).
  4. Since it started saying it's write protected, I have tried to format it on computers with windows xp, 2000, and 98.
  5. The disks save the player's progress as they enter each room; because they are continually being used, the disks cannot be write protected.
  6. Floppy diskettes can also be " write protected, " shut off from receiving information, by closing the tab in the upper left corner.
  7. Saving the configuration to a USB flash drive or ( later write protected ) floppy disk, the settings can be restored at boot.
  8. For what it's worth, floppy drives give a similiar " could not write, or write protected " error in Windows when the floppy is corrupted.
  9. On one flash drive I can write to about half of it, then it says " Device is write protected " and won't write any further.
  10. (SPD EEPROMs also respond to I�C addresses 0x30 0x37 if they have not been write protected, and an extension uses addresses 0x18 0x1F to access an optional on-chip temperature sensor .)
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