write off meaning in Hindi

write off sentence in Hindi
छोड़ देना
काट देना
लिखकर मँगवाना
नष्ट हो होना

अपलिखित करना
बट्टे-खाते डालना
बट्‍टे खाते डालना
मान लेना
खारिज करना
बट्टे खाते डालना
बट्टे खाते लिखना
लिखकर मँगवाना
नष्ट हो होना
write:    लेखन रचना लिखना भर
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
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  1. Iraq may also write off the multibillion debt owed to Russia.
  2. He can write off a life or try to save it.
  3. Accounting rules require companies to write off goodwill against their earnings.
  4. Jackson was content to write off Ogham inscriptions as inherently unintelligible.
  5. It seems we have been wrong to write off medallion man.
  6. It noted that writing off debts to lure investors was prohibited.
  7. Companies usually wait about 180 days before writing off an account.
  8. And banks are under intense pressure to write off bad debts.
  9. Time to write off 1998 and look to 1999 and beyond.
  10. I never want to write off any member on any issue.
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  1. reduce the estimated value of something; "For tax purposes you can write off the laser printer"
  2. concede the loss or worthlessness of something or somebody; "write it off as a loss"
  3. write something fluently, and without hesitation
  4. cancel (a debt)

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