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  1. The engine bay is dominated by huge intake tubing connected to two manifolds painted in the traditional red wrinkle finish.
  2. Kay & Ess and Chadeloid then worked together to induce all manufacturers of wrinkle finish products to accept the price-fixing patent licenses from New Wrinkle.
  3. Structurally and in appearance, they were virtually identical except for most later units being left unpainted aluminum in contrast to the black wrinkle finish of the Navy sets.
  4. Each company claimed that it controlled the basic patents on wrinkle finish, and each company contended that the patents of the other could not be used without infringing its own patents.
  5. The prospective licensees were assured that the other manufacturers were being dealt with on the same basis " in order to establish minimum prices throughout the industry . " By September 1938 the leading manufacturing companies and some 200 other manufacturers substantially all manufacturers of wrinkle finishes in the United States held nearly identical ten-year extendable license agreements from New Wrinkle, fixing prices.

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