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कृति संख्या
work:    ग्रंथ अनुशीलन
number:    इकाई तादाद कई
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  1. If asked for a phone number, give your work number.
  2. It could place calls to daytime work numbers or a neighbor.
  3. The clerk asked for my work number and a home number.
  4. Their respective works numbers and CGR engine numbers are tabled below.
  5. It is estimated that his works number upwards of 1000.
  6. Thiman's list of published works numbers about 1, 300.
  7. Stuempfig was a prolific painter whose works number over 1500.
  8. Yesterday, a recording indicated his home and work numbers had been disconnected.
  9. She signed her name and gave her work number.
  10. But her brother's work number eludes her.
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