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  1. You could just lie there for a while, woolgathering and listening to Dad's snores rumble from down the hall.
  2. Although, sometimes it seems like a CU in conjunction with SSP helps, but I might be just woolgathering on that.
  3. It's not just that the article consists entirely of a collection of rank speculation, flat-out invention, and random woolgathering.
  4. Headed by the actress Judith Bliss and her woolgathering novelist of a husband, the clan is self-obsessed, self-indulgent and self-dramatizing.
  5. It is a story cobbled together " from highly personal woolgatherings, love-ramblings, euphoria, hallucinations, should-have-dones, excuses, and mea culpas ."
  6. At times discussions were heated, and there was also a fair amount of woolgathering as panelists dutifully tried to define " the arts " and " the public purpose ."
  7. Because the deity was woolgathering way back then, the House of Representatives could vote the other day to have public schools post the Ten Commandments as a way to cool youth murder while giving firearms a bye.
  8. HAVING MOCKED the Mittster last week for letting his gaze wander to the national stage while state business went wanting, it's only fair of me to acknowledge that Governor Romney has done well since returning from his Washington woolgathering.
  9. And some of the woolgathering is sophomoric at best . ( " Why does God allow the innocent to suffer ? " ) The result is that " BAFO " is more an extended skit with touchy-feely overtones than a play.
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  1. an idle indulgence in fantasy
  1. dreamy in mood or nature; "a woolgathering moment"

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