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  1. In the Caribbean, Windjammer provides tall ships and casual sailings.
  2. Sailing on a windjammer is part of the New England experience.
  3. Windjammer officials wouldn't confirm the identities of the crew.
  4. Port Victoria also had an anchorage offshore for the larger windjammers.
  5. Windjammer Bareboat is another company that offers adventures in genuine sailing vessels.
  6. New England isn't the only place with windjammers.
  7. Maine Windjammer Association : ( 800 ) 807-9463.
  8. She said that she had no plans to sue Windjammer.
  9. Some of Maine's windjammers are more than 100 years old.
  10. Passengers on Maine's popular windjammer cruises set their own agenda.


  1. a large sailing ship

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