winder meaning in Hindi

winder sentence in Hindi
• कूक
• चाबी
• घुमाने वाला
• चाबी घुमाने वाला

• कुंडलक
• चक्रिल सोपान
• सोपान मोड
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  1. Hartman and Paige are the most popular sites, Winder said.
  2. In July that had rocketed to 70 percent, Winder said.
  3. Still, Winder and panache seldom appear in the same sentence.
  4. Merrill also named James Winder as manager of global economic research.
  5. I want the extended crevice tool and the pedal cord winder.
  6. Winder's other favorite has only one strike against him.
  7. Increasingly, Winder became an important trade center in eastern Georgia.
  8. So, Curtis installed the winder into his own belt buckle.
  9. Winder remained in the presidency of the temple until his death.
  10. Every Winder has a different story or way of being winded.
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  1. mechanical device around which something can be wound
  2. mechanical device used to wind another device that is driven by a spring (as a clock)
  3. a worker who winds (e.g., a winch or clock or other mechanism)

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