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  1. For this piece he had created a wind vane mounted to a helmet.
  2. A stone-set wind vane and three red brick entrance arches were also kept.
  3. The demolition of this " shrine of early Christendom ", and wind vanes.
  4. An anemometer and wind vane were placed atop a tower to record wind data.
  5. The wind vane on top of the hospital is a model of the yacht.
  6. The crown contains a wind vane on the checkerboard.
  7. Modern instruments used to measure wind speed and direction are called anemometers and wind vanes, respectively.
  8. As the mine drops the wind vane spins, generating the power used to arm the mine.
  9. These support a continuous band of curved glass with cast iron vent and a wind vane.
  10. The total height of the tower measured from the base to the top of the wind vane.


  1. mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind
    synonyms:, ,

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