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विल्की कॉलिंज़
collins:    कॉलिंज़ कौलिंज़
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  1. His close friend Wilkie Collins was outselling him with " The Moonstone,"
  2. Wilkie Collins, for instance, was never more than a week before publication.
  3. :Wilkie Collins wrote one of the first detective novels in The Moonstone.
  4. Some years later, in 1868, Wilkie Collins wrote " The Moonstone ".
  5. Wilkie Collins "'The Moonstone " ( 1868 ) features a rudimentary locked-room murder.
  6. During this period he worked closely with the novelist and playwright Wilkie Collins.
  7. In 1864 the novelist Wilkie Collins visited the village while preparing common-law wife.
  8. The 1868 novel by Wilkie Collins has a plethora of confusing cousinly relationships.
  9. Popular authors she reviewed included Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, George Meredith and Wilkie Collins.
  10. Sometimes, she reminded me of the Victorian heroine of one of Wilkie Collins's novels.
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