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  1. British Airways, unions, settle dispute that prompted wildcat strike, union leader says.
  2. The UMW limited the propensity of miners to go on wildcat strikes.
  3. They staged ongoing wildcat strikes and go-slow campaigns to achieve their aims.
  4. A labor dispute in the Berlin printing industry triggered a wildcat strike.
  5. Strikes without formal union authorization are also known as wildcat strikes.
  6. Angry union coal miners engaged in a nationwide wildcat strike the next day.
  7. Wildcat strikes by pilots earlier this month stranded thousands of passengers.
  8. In June, pilots staged wildcat strikes that grounded hundreds of flights.
  9. The law limited wildcat strikes and prohibited limitations on legitimate strikes.
  10. Danish law prohibits wildcat strikes, requiring advance notice of labor conflicts.


  1. a strike undertaken by workers without approval from the officials of their union

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