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• विकिअप
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  1. Ormonde died in 1904 at age 21 at Rancho Wikiup in Santa Rosa, California.
  2. Kanosh built a regular cabin for her, whereas his other three wives lived in wikiups.
  3. WikiUp is a small utility for adding images and files to your MediaWiki wiki site . ( Windows only ).
  4. With WikiUp you simply paste the image from the clipboard, click upload and then paste the Wiki-tag directly into the page you're editing.
  5. The army stated that the village consisted of about 104 lodges, including tipis and wikiups, while Cheyenne accounts said the village had about 40-65 tipis, and about 50 other structures.


  1. a lodge consisting of a frame covered with matting or brush; used by nomadic American Indians in the southwestern United States

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