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  1. The adjustment to widowhood took from 18 months to two years.
  2. In her widowhood, Maria Alexandrovna continued to live in Coburg.
  3. In the Ming dynasty, a tradition of virtuous widowhood developed.
  4. Tara mentions the hardships of widowhood and prefers death to it.
  5. During her widowhood she sought for pupils, but in vain.
  6. After a widowhood of less than a year, she remarried.
  7. During a protracted widowhood, the house and grounds fell into disrepair.
  8. So a marriage that has lasted creates problems with widowhood.
  9. That day Janis entered an odd and lonely place _ young widowhood.
  10. Now, many of the women are navigating widowhood together.
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  1. the state of being a widow who has not remarried
  2. the time of a woman''s life when she is a widow

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