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• दीर्घातराली
widely:    बहुत से लोगों
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  1. They are more widely spaced on the frond than in either parent.
  2. Happily, our robotic probes indicate that the belt's debris is widely spaced.
  3. Its strings are widely spaced at the bridge to facilitate this technique.
  4. Native vegetation is annual grasses and forbs and widely spaced oaks ."
  5. They are widely spaced with color similar to the cap, or whitish.
  6. The inflorescence bears widely spaced spikelets which are reddish purple in color.
  7. The teeth of males are more widely spaced than those of females.
  8. In most cities, boards are widely spaced and set back from roads.
  9. Each network connects areas distributed across widely spaced regions of the cortex.
  10. The spots of rays under across are proportionately larger and widely spaced.
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