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• विस्तीर्ण बैंड
• विस्तीर्ण बैन्ड
• विस्तृत बैंड
wide:    घेर पूरा खुला हुआ
band:    मण्डली कटिबंध संघ
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  1. Accumulations of 3 to 6 inches are possible in a 50-mile-wide band.
  2. This same wide band gene also gives rise to stripeless white tigers.
  3. The heaviest rain will fall in a 150-mile-wide band in central Texas.
  4. A 200-mile-wide band of clouds and scattered showers will mark the front.
  5. A 200-mile-wide band of showers with embedded thunderstorms will mark the cold front.
  6. The wide band gene is carried independently of the white gene.
  7. However, stripline is still chosen where operation over a wide band is required.
  8. A wide band of decorated terra cotta separates the two floors.
  9. Dracunculiasis once plagued a wide band of tropical countries in Africa and Asia.
  10. The previous wide band was between 1.05 reals and 1.14 reals.
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