wide angle lens meaning in Hindi

wide angle lens sentence in Hindi

विशालकोणी लेन्स
विस्तृत कोण लेन्स
wide:    घेर पूरा खुला हुआ
wide angle:    विशाल कोण
angle:    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
lens:    शीशा कांच लेंस
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  1. Wide angle lenses also make a larger portion of the image appear sharp.
  2. He became well-known because of his development of wide angle lenses for aerophotography.
  3. This the problem one can get when using Auto with wide angle lenses.
  4. Some of them dating April 2007 and shot with a wide angle lens.
  5. The smaller flange focal distance allows for more compact normal and wide angle lenses.
  6. He also received USSR State Prize for his contributions in developing wide angle lenses.
  7. Germanium also can be used in the production of fluorescent lamps and wide angle lenses.
  8. It has two Sony TX T420 projectors using ultra-wide angle lenses designed specifically for Scitech.
  9. Previously, combining the complexities of rectilinear super-wide angle lenses, retrofocus lenses and zoom lenses seemed impossible.
  10. The latest camcorder, HDV-D329 includes a 37mm wide angle lens and has 1, 200 X Zoom.
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