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  2. Whimsey and country elegance can be added to the table with earthy stoneware plates.
  3. On the far turn Grasshopper, Sir Whimsey and Student Council rushed at the leaders.
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  5. And there are moments of whimsey.
  6. The top two cleared third place finisher Sir Whimsey by 5-3 / 4 lengths.
  7. Most such sites in New England have turned out to be a bit of Colonial whimsey, she said.
  8. Ritter also painted a series of clowns based on " Mr . Whimsey, " a clown with his dog.
  9. President Kruger's whimsey to name a town after magistrate Otto still lives on in the vibrant city of Johannesburg.
  10. He painted several more " Mr . Whimsey " paintings, some of which were part of the Silver Slipper collection.


  1. the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment; "I despair at the flightiness and whimsicality of my memory"
    synonyms:, , , ,
  2. an odd or fanciful or capricious idea; "the theatrical notion of disguise is associated with disaster in his stories"; "he had a whimsy about flying to the moon"; "whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it"
    synonyms:, ,

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