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• विह्वल होना
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  1. Whelm is given in the OED as capsize or overturn.
  2. The military are trained to over whelm the enemy through the strate gic application of firepower.
  3. She married Alan J . Whelms in 2002 She has also taught at Harvard University and Rice University.
  4. Overwhelm is derived from whelm and means to be turned over, and has been used since c . 1400.
  5. His military force, the Whelm, is so-called for its use of overwhelming military force to accomplish victory.
  6. The Fon is the custodian of the custom and tradition of the Bamunka people and whelms much power, is respected and honored.
  7. Karan and Llian ( intermittently separated and together ) journey to Sith and on to Thurkad, pursued part of the way by Tensor and by Whelm.
  8. Shortly afterwards, the Whelm finds Bandolio's hideout and captures him, but the ransom is not found and many suspect that Akadie still has it.
  9. He released his debut album'Whelm'May 12, 2014 on Erased Tapes and has just supported label mate Nils Frahm on his North American Tour.
  10. Or if that's insufficient, William Cowper's more florid " But I beneath a rougher sea / And whelm'd in deeper gulphs than he ."
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  1. overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli
    synonyms:, , , ,

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