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wharf rat sentence in Hindi
• घाट पर जहजों में चोरी करने वाला
• जहाजी चूहा
wharf:    गोदी घाट जेटी
rat:    बेवफा मूस अपने
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  1. But the Wharf Rats remain the best known of all of them.
  2. There he is, bellying up to the bar at The Wharf Rat.
  3. By 1990, the Wharf Rats mailing list had some 3, 000 names.
  4. Highlights : " Sugar Magnolia " and " Wharf Rat ."
  5. A friend suggested she try glue paper like they sell to trap wharf rats.
  6. They announce their presence with yellow balloons, signs, and the Wharf Rats information table.
  7. The two performed Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter's Grateful Dead classic, " Wharf Rat ".
  8. P . O . S is also a member of hardcore punk band Wharf Rats.
  9. Maybe, he said, it was a wharf rat.
  10. There can also be lively conversation at old Boston institutions like the Tavern Club and the Wharf Rats.
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  1. brown rat that infests wharves
  2. someone who lives near wharves and lives by pilfering from ships or warehouses

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