weigh out meaning in Hindi

weigh out sentence in Hindi
• तौलना
• नापना
weigh:    वजन होना तोल भार
out:    हड़ताल पर बहाना
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  1. "Two Weighs Out " and the dynamic title track . 3 Stars.
  2. It depends how all the cards will weigh out on the day,
  3. It weighs out and it's going to make me happy ."
  4. A 16-ounce steak that actually weighs out at 22 ounces.
  5. When you weigh out the pluses and negatives, the pluses come out way ahead.
  6. Notability is another general issue which is harder to resolve and weigh out .---( Bob)
  7. You need to weigh out the options and evaluate its potential effectiveness versus its costs.
  8. "But that touchy-feely stuff doesn't weigh out in Washington,"
  9. The underlying assumptions include that humans weigh out rewards versus costs when developing a relationship.
  10. We were trying to pick the pos-itives and negatives and see which would weigh out.
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