weigh down meaning in Hindi

weigh down sentence in Hindi
• झुका देना
• चिंताग्रस्त बना देना
• उदास होना
• दबा देना
• झुका देना
• लाद देना
• चिंताग्रस्त बना देना
• बोझ होना
• झुकना
• बोझना
• लादना
• कष्ट देना
weigh:    वजन होना तोल भार
down:    निगलकर शरीर के
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  1. If man's heart weighs down, then he is devoured by a monster
  2. Consequently I'd be really unwise to let it weigh down on me.
  3. It certainly won't weigh down your shoulders as you dash through airports.
  4. However, large amounts of wealth weigh down a hero, reducing his speed.
  5. Zeno's belief that none of it matters anyway weighs down the superstructure.
  6. Or use a book weight that'll weigh down the page you need.
  7. And the text weighs down my ideas, keeps them from flying up.
  8. The letters for Smarty Jones continue to weigh down the letter carrier.
  9. Weigh Down teaches the right way to relate to food, she said.
  10. It has the flavor of milk but does not weigh down your meal.
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  1. exert a force with a heavy weight; "The snow bore down on the roof"
    synonyms:drag down, bear down, bear down on, press down on
  2. be oppressive or disheartening to
    synonyms:weigh on

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